Burning the flag down.

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Burning the flag down.

Postby Mr. Mister » Mon Sep 24, 2012 7:17 am

Get destroyed.
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Not seen on screen: Ion REverse Field, Shield Recharger Boost, and Drone Recovery Arm.
Got extremely lucky on that run. Combination Crystalite+Manta let me take over almost every ship, and that was before getting the second squad of two mantas, which I could tp in there before the lockdown weared down. That gave me TONS of scrap. The slug proved useful too when assaulting on nebulas (I actually like going through nebulas. Maybe it's the music?), since I actually didn't upgrade my sensors until just before the firs flagship battle, because I honestly didn't know what else to invest them on.

As I say, EXTREMELY lucky. I had to turn down FIVE potential crewmates because the ship was full: two humans, an engi, a rockman and another freakin slug.

And of everything you see on-screen, except a bit of fuel, only one of the Ion ombs was bought on a shop, in sector 7.

...and I didn't even fire any ion bomb in any of the flagship battles xD. Nor did I attend to any repair or ressuplies between the phases.
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Re: Burning the flag down.

Postby Targetstar » Thu Sep 27, 2012 11:49 pm

Ahh Fire Bome... how i 1st killed that stinkin ship ><

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