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What are the system requirements?

PC requirements

  • Operating system: Windows XP/2000/Vista/7/8
  • Intel Mac OSX 10.5.8+, or Linux (x86 or x86_64)
  • Processor: 2 GHz
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Hard drive space: 175 MB
  • Video: OpenGL 2.0, minimum resolution of 1280x720, dedicated card recommended

Important notes:

  • The minimum resolution is a hard set requirement.
  • ATI dropped all driver support for Windows 8 for cards from the HD 4000 series and earlier. This may cause problems with FTL if running Windows 8 with an older ATI card.
  • Dedicated graphics cards are more reliable, but it's been known to work on the Intel HD Integrated cards.

iPad version

  • 2nd generation or above.
  • iPad Mini's will work fine.
FTL is not available on iPhone.


Fixes to common failures:

  • Please make sure your drivers are up to date. This is especially important for integrated cards as laptop manufacturers will sometimes be supplying you with out of date / incorrect drivers.
  • Disable your anti-virus and, if you're using Steam, disable the in-game overlay.
  • If you're using a relatively newer ATI card with Catalyst 12.8 drivers, try the solution for the invisible beacon map below to also fix start up crashes.
  • If you're using the Steam version and Mac OS X, please make sure your Steam is fully updated (Steam->Check for Updates)

Slow framerate or performance issues?

Updating your drivers usually fixes issues with both slow frame rates and performance issues. If you're still having troubles, try to force vertical sync off for FTL. This can be done in Windows within the NVIDIA Control Panel, ATI Catalyst Control Center, or Intel Control Panel, depending on your graphics card.

My Beacon Map is invisible!?

Windows ATI Catalyst Drivers 12.8 seem to cause this problem for a very small percentage of users. To fix this, change the Anti-Aliasing filter settings from within the Catalyst Control Center.
There, you can create an application profile for FTL and make sure the filter is set to "standard." Here's a screenshot showing the incorrect setting of "edge-detect" that causes the problem: http://imgur.com/1gXXs

Overheating or excess CPU use?

From within the FTL options menu, enable the Frame Limiter and/or V-sync. Some systems don't let the application enable v-sync, so if you're still having troubles you might need to force it. To do this, go to your graphics control panel. You should be able to force on V-Sync (also seen as "Vertical Refresh") for FTL. Create an application profile if you do not want to effect your entire system.

Why is my mouse is floaty and unresponsive?

This is usually a driver issue. Please update your drivers (and check for Beta drivers if you're using Windows 8), as doing so will fix this issue for most people.

My question isnít covered in this FAQ

Please email us at techsupport@ftlgame.com for any questions not covered in this FAQ. We'll be working hard to get back to everyone as quickly as possible but please understand that we are a small team, and as such, there may be some delay.


What is FTL?

FTL is a spaceship simulation roguelike-like. Its aim is to recreate the atmosphere of running a spaceship exploring the galaxy (like Firefly/Star Trek/BSG etc.) In any given episode of those classic shows, the captain is always yelling "Reroute power to shields!" or giving commands to the engineer now that their Warp Core is on fire. We wanted that experience, as opposed to the "dog fighting in space" that most videogames focus on. We wanted a game where we had to manage the crew, fix the engines, reroute power to shields, target the enemy life support, and then figure out how to repel the boarding party that just transported over!

Where can I buy it?

FTL is available on the iPad app store now in addition to the following PC based vendors:
  • Steam offers Windows and Mac builds: FTL on Steam
  • GOG.com has a DRM free Windows and Mac versions along with bonus content (some music tracks and concept art): FTL on GOG.com
  • Our website gives you access to a Windows, Mac OSX , and Linux version, all DRM-free, in-browser version as well as a Steam key: FTL front page
  • For US customers, Amazon.com sells Steam keys as well as standalone, DRM-free Windows and Mac OSX versions: FTL on Amazon

What does it cost?

FTL is $9.99 USD on any platform (including iPad). This price is standard worldwide on GOG.com and through our website, but Steam will have the normal conversions of 6.99 GBP / 9.99 Euro / 249 rubles / $7.99 in CIS territories. The Appstore also localizes their prices, but the base price is 10 USD.

Who made FTL?

  • Subset Games consists of Justin Ma (artist/designer) and Matthew Davis (programmer/designer).
  • All of the music and sound is done by the talented sound designer in California, Ben Prunty. You can hear more of his work at: benprunty.com
  • Tom Jubert, writer of Penumbra, The Swapper and The Talos Principle, assisted with the writing. You can learn more at: Tom Jubert: Portfolio
  • Andrew Church (who also did the Aquaria iPad port) was invaluable.
  • Chris Avellone was a guest writer for the Advanced Edition.

What are your plans for player created content / modding?

Unfortunately, we don't have any plans to expand the capabilities.

What about multi-player?

FTL was designed as a focused, single-player experience and there are no plans to extend it to include multi-player.

Can I make videos of FTL and monetize them on YouTube?


Will there be an Android port?

Unfortunately, there are no plans for an Android port at this point in time.

Will FTL be translated to X language?

Localization will be an ambitious project since there are tens of thousands of lines of text in the game. And numerous technical hurdles (hard coded text, foreign character support) also exist. It's something we currently do not plan to pursue, but that could change in the future. We are not looking for help with this.

Will there be any updates or sequels?

The Advanced Edition came out on April 3rd, 2014. It was a large, free expansion. Go HERE to read instructions for how to update. There are no plans for a sequel or any additional updates.

I heard there was an update but I'm not on Steam, how can I get it?

Go here for help updating FTL: Update Instructions

I can't find my link to download the game!

If you purchased the game through our website and lost the original email, use this key resender to get a new one.

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